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Default RE: Evo 80xtv quick report & fin advice sought

Hard to say. I've only used the 22, 23, 24 and 26 08 fins and only have a little time on each so far. My feeling so far is that the 08 versions feel slightly different and about a half to one size bigger, particularly so when your driving the fin hard at lower speeds. So, the 08 25cm will leave you with a bigger gap to the 23 cm fin but on the other hand probably be better for the big sail onshore blasting stuff than the 07 25 (sacrificing some "feel" i the dtl wave riding, but then you will likely get away with the 23cm anyway). 24cm 08 is an option, but since it is not high wind and fast riding control you're after with this fin, the 25 is probably it.

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