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Yes, I definitely think the E80 will be big enough as you light wind wave board (got on the scales last night and turned out to be 72 kilos as well). I used to have a EVO 91 and while it was nice and floaty and still maneuverable, in the end it did not offer anything more than the 80 at the light wind side got things but was noticeably more cumbersome in better waves or more wind. Only exception would be is you sail in a place where super big wave sails could be beneficial (like 7.0 and above).

If you want an option to the E80 you could also have a look at the K79. The wind range is similar, but the K79 is a nicer freeride board and also a very good wave board which is very similar to the Pure Acid 74 in feel (pretty much same rocker and bottom shape). The K79 (and Pure Acids) does require more drive and skill to perform well in slower waves though, so its all about what kind of compromises you are willing to make. But the K79 and E80 are wonderful boards. At our weight, but boards are in practice pretty much full floaters.
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