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Default RE: Out of shape beginner....need help :-)

Thanks for all the great help!

Here are a few answers to some questions.

1. I'm teaching myself. Lake Waccamaw is a great lake to windsurf on, but there is not really many folks that do it. I could not find a place to buy a board in a 75 Mile radius. Wilmington NC had several surf shops, but none of them had windsurfing gear. I ordered my gear online. I have a DVD and a subscription to a magazine. The only guy I could find to "teach" me has just had shoulder surgery and will be out of commission for a while.

2. Sailing in wind that is 3-10 knots ish. My first day I had the board I tried to sail in 18-21 knots. :-) Stupid, but I had a few 300 foot runs. The next day it was around 4 knots and I was able to stay on for a while. Now I can stay on the board and do basic tacks and jibes. (T&J's with 80% success rate.)

3. Equipment:
Board: Fanatic Viper 85. 85cm/220l,
Sail: Gaastra Pilot, 6.0
Mast: Fiberspar 3200 30% Carbon 420, IMCS 21

4. Don't fall off that much now. 20% of the time when I turn I fall off. (Basic no frill turns.)

5. I think I am moving my feet a bunch. I have not used the straps at all, and at this point, I would really need to move them for them to be useful to me.

"If you are having the same problem I had at first with wrist and elbow pains, the good news is, they eventually get used to the increased loads. I was initially suffering immensely at night, especially with some minor arthritis problems i have."

Good news.... I have had some issues with my elbows, wrists, and forearms...but I have also been hauling concrete blocks under my house....I didn't know what it was from I bet it was the windsurfing.

Thanks again for all the help.
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