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Default RE: Out of shape beginner....need help :-)

Hi Anthropod,
OK, I looked up Lake Waccamaw on Google Earth.
Since yoiu are so close to the coast, why not head down there for a bit more wind?
As far as moving your feet around, where do you try to place your feet on the board after uphauling?
If you set your feet like I will describe, you should not need to move them at all. Until, of course, you are ready to mo0ve further back on your board. Leave the footstraps where they are, you will soon be back there and the location will make sense.
As far as the wrist/elbow problems, you guys are "hanging on for dear life" I would bet.
This tells me you are not balancing your rigs and you are working a couple of magnitudes harder because you aren't getting your rigs balanced BEFORE you add power.
Also, does you boom have a 1 1/8" grip diameter (std. smaller dia boom) or a larger 1 1/4" grip diameter?
The larger grip dia. may seem good for you, but it's one of the things that cause extra ordinary forearm/wrist/elbow problems.
What is the title of the DVD you are using?
That could tell us alot about what you are trying to do and whether that is appropriate for your equipment and your conditions.
According to my windsurfing physician, Advil (a little more than the bottle recommends i.e. 3 tablets) often will relax the hans/wrists/elbows and help with the evening pain from holding the boom way to tight for way too long.
Learn to simply balance the rig and then you can control it with just a couple of fingers hooked lightly over the boom.
You are big guys, and I'll bet you think windsurfing requires big muscles.
If that were true, them my 100 or so (per year) < 80 lbs. students would never be able to windsurf.
Give up on trying to out muscle moterh nature and learn to balance things first, then apply only enough power to make the board go it&#39;s fastest.
Sheting in more just increases the side force the rig can generate and basically kills the forward drive.
When in doubt, sheet out and then use one or 2 fingers on your back hand to just sheet in until you "feel the power" in both front and rear hands. Pulling things in any more than this just make you use alot of muscle and cannot make you go any faster until you are planing; in the footstraps; and hooked in. Then all the pull will go onto your harness and thru the big mucles in your thighs and calves, not thru your arms.
Come up to Cape Hatteras sometime and we&#39;ll have you doing things the easy way in no time.
Hope this helps,
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