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Default Go170 vs. carve162 early planing

I currently own a Go 170 that I bought over a year ago in order to ease myself back into windsurfing after a long lay off. I was going to get myself a Carve 133, but since I'm a teacher I need a board that will maximize planing opportunities during the light winds of summer here on Long Island, NY.

I have found that I can plane on the Go in a minimum of around 12 mph of wind, however, the Go isn't all that much fun. Lately, I have been thinking of picking up a Carve 162 Wood for light air fun.

So, question is, will the Carve 162 plane in slightly lighter wind than the Go? The Carve is narrower, but since it is lighter it should plane earlier, right? or I am wrong?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this conundrum. Or would I be better off with a Formula or Formula Experience board?

thanks again for the info.
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