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Default RE: Out of shape beginner....need help :-)

Since you are so close to the coast, why not head down there for a bit more wind?
I really want to, and will. I live a couple of blocks back from the lake and have a dock so it is really easy to get there. My wife and I can be there and have it all rigged up in less than 15 min. When we feel more confident we will have to try somewhere on the coast.

"As far as moving your feet around, where do you try to place your feet on the board after uphauling?"

I think this is it. Also, where the straps are pictured is where I have them set. should I keep them there or move them to a more "basic" position?

Also, does you boom have a 1 1/8" grip diameter (std. smaller dia boom) or a larger 1 1/4" grip diameter?
It is the 1 1/8" diameter.

What is the title of the DVD you are using?
Basic Windsurfing "New school BEGINNERS and FREERIDE instructional DVD" by Flow

Can you suggest a better, or different DVD that could be helpful?

Sheeting in more just increases the side force the rig can generate and basically kills the forward drive.
Thanks for the great advice on sheeting more! I played with that on Wed and I truly could tell what you meant. I had been really trying to sheet a lot thinking I would go faster.
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