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Default RE: sunken mast track


As you suggested, I sailed the hypersonic 111 with the 34 cm fin while juiced on the 7.6 naish redline. I am at a loss for words. Once you figure out that baring away a lot REALLY helps early planing and getting into the straps on that board, its crazy. I could plane super fast and before people who were even on carve 133's and 8.5s! I could outstrip anyone and could really get dialed in. What a thrill!

its kind of scary baring away though. We had some semi big chop for 16-20 knots and I was hesitant about sinking the nose and me killing myself ;-)

I tried a couple of jibes too. It was fun, I always had a lot of entrance speed and almost made it around a couple of times!

Tacking was difficult though. I fell quite a few times in the choppier gusts. But it pointed so high upwind, I didn't really care. I was just suprised at how much physical effort it takes to sail. I was exhausted after 3 hours sailing! USually I don't even have to come off the water, but now, I take breaks every 30 minutes or so.

My questions are...

1. I found that I spun out quite a few times. People said that it was the weeds that caused them. Is this true? I don't wanna try breaking my speed record (which was set today :-D) knowing that spin out could indeed happen with my technique right now. if it was the weeds, than I can live with that, its not usually that windy.

2. Jibing was pretty fun, but do you have any solid tips? I found I really had to lift with the foot still in the strap to get a tighter turn.

3. What do you describe as an ideal stance for overpowering conditions. Do I need to worry about the nose diving? or can I just sail like I would with a 32 cm longer board...

Thanks a lot Roger, hope you get better soon,


PS HYPERSONICS ARE AMAZING!!!!!! I took a break and let two other very experienced sailors try it and they came off the water stoked, amazed and best of all... WANTING ONE TOO!
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