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Default RE: sunken mast track

Hi Thomas,
I guess this means you like the Hypersonic, right?
I think the correct term is perhaps "bearing off".
You can tack the Hypersonic, yes, but why would you want to do this?
Unless you are up against some large or immovable obstacle (hull of a ship is pretty large, and a concrete or rip rap " breakwater or breakwall is pretty immovable) you generally do not need to tack the Hypersoinc at all.
Remember when we discussed keeping your weight behind the mast foot and "stepping over" the mast while it's raked as far back as it will go (actually resting on the board above the upwind rear footstrap is a really good position). Try this technique on the Hypersonic and you may soon be doing planing tacks.
Learning planing tacks, BEFORE you get dialed in on fully planing jibes would be awesome, right?
As far as jibing, keep the nose up. If you shift your weight forward at all, the nose DROPS and the board STOPS.
So, don't try to do "tight" jibes. If you keep the nose up and "roll" your board into the jibe without shifting your weight forward, the board will lose almost no speed on the way in,
As soon as the board really starts carving (it does this on the bottom shape (i.e. the wings at the back) ) then you can roll the board a little more to tighten your jibe up, but trying to "stuff" a Hypersonic into a tight jibe never works very well for me.
And, yes, try strap to strap jbes where you leave your old front foot in the strap as you"roll" your board into the entry of the jibe. Press down with your back foot over near the lee rail and well behind the front footstrap (so the nose doesn't drop due to you shifting weight forward)
and pull up with the old front foot in the old upwind footstrap.
Get it right and it gives you alot more control.
As far as the spin out, lighten up on the fin abit, and rail the board a bit more to leeward to crank upwind.
And, if there are any weeds at all, get a good weed fin for your Hyper.
Hypers are a little less "affected" by surface weeds as the complex shape helps to divert weeds away from the front of the fin, but any weed on your fin pretty much guarantees spin out at some point.
As far as "stuffing" the nose into chop, I too was always worried about that with the Hypers. but it never happened.
Sure, a 2 or 3 foot boat wake is not something you want to drive into head on, but normal chop is easily handled by the shape under the nose of the Hypers. It only "appears" that the nose is practically in the water because the top of the board is so flat nose to tail. All the "rocker" that you would normally see in the nose of the board is still there, but it's all underneath the nose.
Great news that you are having such a good time with this new board.
Hope this helps,
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