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Default RE: Out of shape beginner....need help :-)

Hi Anthony.
Tell me how you did your photo, and how I can move the feet to a better place.
If you place your feet as you have them in the photo, getting planing and not heading upwind all the time is goig to be difficult.
The rear foot should be further forward on the board (like between the front footstraps in your photo, but with the arch of your foot right over the fore/aft centerline of your board.
Unless you are really tall person, I think your feet (as depicted in your photo) are too far apart.
Trun your front foot so your toes face forward with your front foot 4-6" upwind of the mast foot and 4-6" behind the mast foot.
I'll have to see if I can find a copy of the DVD you have and perhaps offer some alternatives.
Yes, keep the straps were they are as your board isn't going to plane very easliy if you put them further forward.
It a strange situation as they are easier to get into when they are further forward, but that affect the fore and aft trim of your board too much and the board "plows along" becuase you don't have your weight far enough back to get the nose up and the planing surfaces inclined higher at the front.
Hope this helps,
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