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Hallo people,
after having used my 111 lot of times I'll try to report my opinion.
I've used the board with 6,8 the great part of time but have done couple of sailing in 7,8 too.The fin was just one: 37 microfin .
This season I'm very trained and,for more info,I own a smaller slalom board. In order to our championship rules we go for slalom in at least 17 kns and we can register just one board for it.This made me decide to sail only in 111 and not with the smaller one.
I had the opportunity to really push hard and keep out every aspect of the board.
When really light (gusty 12 kns) I'm not the best planner with my 7,8 rsr but once the wind get stable there's no problem at all.Accelleration is nice (THE SAME of F2 sx M) and control is great.In this range no particular sailor's attitudes are requested.Jibes are a dream with strong attitude to stay in planning mode after having jibed.
When the wind increase (14-20 kns) you can stay in 7,8 easily.The nose NEVER lift up (you just have to right trim the mast base) while sailing at the right way to not put the board into the chop! Now I understand what Ian said when stated that you need an active style for best ride this board.Just close the gap,put your foot into the footstraps and PUSH !! The board will lift you up anf flies over the water in any sea condition.
When really powered up (20-32 kns) I switch for 6,8 warp 2007,just move 1 cm forward the mast base,and play the game.other boards start to fly away and need to reduce fin or sail but I continue my sailing day in the same combo.Sometimes I should reduce the fin but I didn't it to test....
In those condition you must stay concentrate but NEVEr give up.Only the powered style will pay off!I had some problem to find the rear strap (like many other F2 riders) but nothing special.Control is the best part of sailing in 111 this condition.
In the beginning of season I've heard too much about isonics speed and was scared but today I can state that IF it is so starboard regain the gap in control, accelleration after jibe and "replacement" attitudes.Please remember that competitions are between 2 marks....

just my 2 cents
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