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Ian, G,

Interesting discussion,

I too am trying to decide on which isonic to buy, and from a few months of reading various threads on the boards, I think I will go for the 111 (or its 2008 replacement).

I weigh 80 kg and sail inland in Texas, so steady winds don't exist. A normal spring or fall windy day = winds ranging from 10 to 25 knots. Bigger boards are generally the call in order to get through the 10 knot holes.

For free sailing, I have a F160 which I use up to about 20 knots, then I change down to a 105L Hi Fly Move with a 6.5.

I am thinking the isonic 111 will fit the gap just right. I would expect to use my 7.5 most of the time, but want the board to carry my 6.5 and 8.5 as well. I race Formula and on rare occasions, slalom, but most of my sailing is just fast freesailing.

Does the 111 sound like a reasonable choice for me?
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