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Default RE: Board for my girlfriend

Last night I got a great offer on two boards. This kind of made me change my mind about the GO. The boards are a 2006 Carve 122 and a 2006 S-Type 115. I figured I might be worth the struggle getting used to a smaller and more "pro" board right away. I will order tone of these boards first thing on monday; but wich board should I choose?

Since I'm not a great windsurfer (yet I want a bord that is not too hard to progress on, yet a board I can enjoy for years to come. Would I notice any difference in these two boards? Are they very different? Can you recommend one for me?

I'm going to borrow a 111 l F2 freeride board from a friend tomorrow to see if I'm up for the challenge of a smaller board

Thank you alot for your help so far, this will hopefully be my last qestion consering the purchase of a new board
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