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Default RE: Compulsory Registration ?

Lizard, even Starboard's unregistered forum was seeing heavy editing near the end. I've never seen anything like that 3D forum, though. Silicon Investor, a stock investors group of forums had a membership with subscription price. They guaranteed no editing. However, they took a big dive because they had to give up identies in civil suits. So many company presidents sued their posters that they lost their sticky time to Yahoo. If you don't take the bait and get in an exchange of insults invited by people like Screamer and SteveC, one can get by here, I believe. However, any confrontation with an editor will result in your thinking being silenced. Many of these editors see their regular posters as friends or supporters. Often they are thick as thieves. The gives special consideration to their subscribers to the detriment of anyone who attacks the blantant bigotry they profess. Since they keep it to foriegn nationalities, they make it very hard to enter into a defamation suit.
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