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Default RE: Help Harness lines

Hi Michael,
Have you considered a Reactor Bar roller hook vs whatever hook you are using?
Then your lines will last forever (or until the webbing or the velcro tabs wear out or fall off).
I would also check your harness hook for a sharp edge that may not cut the tubing, but it's cutting the line.
Back when I used alminum harness hooks I had several that wore in the hook area to a sharp radius that didn't cut the tubing, but cut the line. They also "jammed" so the line did not slide easily as the radius was the same diameter as the line.
Now I use Dakine roller hooks (can't get the original Reactor Bars any more) and my harness lines last several seasons of fairly hard demo use.
Check out the inside radius of your harness hook and any adjacent areas that come in contact with your harness lines. There's a sharp edge on something that's wearing/damaging/cutting you harness lines.
Do you leave your rigs in the wash at the edge of the water alot?
Sand that gets washed into the lines can cause premature wear.
Where are your lines breaking?
Right in the middle where they contact the hook or somewhere else?
Hope this helps,
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