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Roly Gardner
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Default RE: Out of shape beginner....need help :-)

Hi Anthropod, Hi Roger,

Roger has recently cured a basic problem I had by purely changing the position of my feet and therefore stance. It has had such a dramatic effect on my sailing that I want to share it with you- hope it works!

My main problem was that I was overly keen on getting the power on BEFORE getting my feet in the right place on the board. Your diagram shows exactly where my feet used be.

Now when uphauling I first get the mast up and the sail pointing directly downwind ie no power wharever, and the board across the wind which is at your back. Moving your rear foot to between where the front footstraps are and your front foot BEHIND the mast foot puts you in the correct stance. Picture a fencer (swordsman not construction worker!) with his rear foot at roughly 90 degrees with knee slightly bent and front foot pointing more forwards and straight at the knee.I find this more comfortable and more stable. THEN if you slowly put the power on by sheeting in with your back hand you begin to move off.

I am learning too so this is NOT gospel just my experience in trying to crack the basics. Roger got me doing this and many things have led off from it in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks including;more controlled steering;staying upwind;more comfortable stance so less pain in my back and arms;more stamina because it hurts less;even my first beach start yesterday.

Recommend the wet shoes too-much less pain. Best of luck!

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