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Default RE: Nonskid Repair on wood deck

Hi Jay,
I think the stock WOOD construction Starboards use a "foam dust" as the particulate in the non-skid.
Fiberglass Supply (down in the Gorge) sells "acrylic dust" that should match the original non skid if you set it in some thinned West System 105 or in some of the pentrating epoxy (which one did you use and where did you get it?)
You can put a coat of thinned resin on the patch area and then use a
flour sifter (cheap in the kitchen section of most big grocery stores) to to sift/shake on the correct amount of acrylic dust to get the non-skid match.
Since you are only repairing a small area, you might want to make up a little "foam dust" of your own.
I've used a scrap piece of Divynicel foam, and a bit of 100 grit abrasive paper and in a couple of minutes you have plenty of "foam dust" to replace the non=skid in your reapir area.
Since I'm guessing your repair is up forward where you never really use the non-skid (a boom head strike...right?) you could also just put on a layer of resin and then take a brush when it's getting slightly tacky and use the brush to add some texture.
Hope this helps,
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