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Default RE: Help Harness lines

Hi Steve,
We had 1/8" SS cable lines (inside a farily hard plastic tube way back in the day. Made by "Whitecaps" (Peter Jones) is I remember correctly.
They worked, but as I remember the crimped loops on the ends eventually failed.
Ever tried a roller hook? Corrosion (on the original Reactor Bars that were painted, not powder coated 6000 series aluminum) was the only thing that caused a problem. I have my original, and the aluminum is very corroded, but the roller assembly still works fine. Lots of bearing area inside the roller and the roller lasts forever.
I did a search and found that Reactor Bars are still made, I'm just not sure where to buy the originals. I think they've licensed the original patent to DaKine.
Here's a link to the original Reactor Bar....
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