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Default RE: isonic 105 - 111 - 115 ?

lol .. Yeah, Sorry.
Few days ago I've used my "sea board" it's a 100 Freewave (or somthing like this..) and I had felt better in tack then the is115 but is a sacrifice you have to run for ride with this board. In choppy? ah, when is realy formed like leeward a sailboat regatta and with a 400 windsurfers in the wather is impossible to enjoy but not only with the isonic but with all the board. In noramlly choppy condition you don't realize it (non ti accorgi neanche del chop). I can tall that, it's fu**ing fast and you feeling it good immediatly under your feet. My friend have an F2 sx and usually with my oldest board he beat me for 30 meters on the course, but now with my new isonic I ever lead and I've change only my board. I think you can compete with smaller board like the F2 sx 105 cause the dimension of isonic 115 and the Sx 105 is approximatly the same. The weak point in confront of the F2 is the mqs of your sail, I have talk with Andrea Cucchi (friend of 1000 battle) and he agree me, the f2 can support a litle biger sail then the isonic, for exemple, if on the f2 you can use an 7.8, on the isonic is better if use a 7.3 (if you are not a professional windsurfer I mean...)
Only a thing, please use a 7.3 or 7.+ not under on this board (in the lake garda). Anyway, let's try it.. See ya round conca or CST but not Vasco
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