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Default RE: Go170 vs. carve162 early planing

Roger and Mike,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful answers.
To answer issues you have both raised, I weigh 162 lbs. at the moment (down from 170 at the end of June) and the board is a 2005 Go 170. Due to the fact that my primary summer sailing area has weeds, I use a 50 cm and 56 cm Curtis Someweed fins with Windwing Hammer 8.3 and Windwing Formula Race 9.8.

Mike, I have been thinking of getting a Formula board but not sure I want to go that route. I would prefer a board like the Carve that would be more manuverable (sp?), but I would like to be able to plane in minimal wind to maximize my time on water in the summer.

thanks again.

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