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Default RE: Nonskid Repair on wood deck

Roger and SteveC, thanks for your input.

Well, Roger, you are right and you are wrong.

It is a ding forward of the mast track, but no it's not from a boom head strike. It looks like a harness hook defect but I don't remember doing it. Since I don't mount the board up front, I'm assuming it happened during a blown tack (ie, as I fell off to the side of the board my hook may have glanced the top of the deck a few inches in from the rail).

I bought the penetrating epoxy you recommended via the link you provided. Very nice stuff, but pricey. I'vs since seen several brands of penetrating epoxy, including a couple of brands available at West Marine.

I filled the defect (after using the penetrating epoxy to seal the wood) using a mixture of West System 105/207 epoxy and wood four from System 3. It was the lightest wood flour I could find. Still, when I mixed it, it was a bit too dark to match the Serenity deck so I added a bit of white epoxy resin pigment to lighten it up. It ended up matching the darker "veins" in the wood grain pretty well and sanded perfectly.

I guess the combination of penetrating epoxy and acrylic dust or salt should work pretty well for the non-skid. My concern is that it's not UV protected. The West System Epoxy (105 resin mixed with 207 hardener) IS UV protected but might be harder to apply a thin coat (I've read a trick is to use a piece of dry roller to squeegee it). I've also read that linear (2 part) polyurethane is UV protected and won't yellow, so it's preferred by many but it sounds like you'd go with epoxy.

Does anyone know if the factory uses epoxy or LPU?

No one mentioned Redeck - is that because it's not recommended or just that no one has used it?

By the way, if I wanted to make my own foam dust, where does one buy a piece of Divynicel?

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