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Default NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?

Hi all,

I will very likely need to retire my current NP Supersonic 6.7 (-01 or 02?) and replace with a new one. My current candidates are the Excess 6.4 and Saber 6.7 of the -07 models. Although my old 6.7 felt quite nice on my Kombat 97 -07 (max recommended sail 6.5), I am unsure about its capabilities of taking on a 6.9 Excess, but feel free to share your experiences.
Main question is, how big is the difference between the sailtypes (Saber vs Excess)? Size-wise the saber would fit better to my current quiver, being same size as the old one, but maybe the Excess has more of the abilities that would fit the board better?
Or does the difference in size between these sails increase or decrease the differences between their abilities?

I am (currently) mainly freeriding/blasting/small swell with 4.7-5.7-6.7, although hopefully I will soon be able to try out some "real" waves... 50% of the sailing is done with the 6.7, but I must say that the board works like a charm with the 5.7...

Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations.
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