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Hey Ken,
I did it!
Usually I race Formula and, at my weight, 111 gives me any option when slalom is the call . I won't go bigger than 7,8 (at least if I'm in competiton) and no smaller than 6,3 .
The board will easily carry a 8,... but just for fast reaching in freesailing but then you will need a bigger fin so....
When really windy I don't like so much reduce sail area and the 6,8 leaves the board better balanced than 6,3 (it's just my point of view) .
For having a better idea you need to know what you have to do with your slalom board and then decide. I mean, 101 would be a good choice as well in such condition.
How about your training?
Do you wanna compete in slalom?
Do you like go big or not?
Are you "active" on board?
Are you familiar with marks?
How many sails/fins you own for a slalom board?
Do you use to sail slalom alone?
..and so on...

Maybe Ian can better suggest you than me.
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