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Default RE: Nonskid Repair on wood deck

Hi Jay,
I think the LP clear UV stabilized varnish would work fine.
I thinke Eva (The Board Lady told me she uses it all the time for non-skid, with acrylic dust or foam dust as the "grit".

I'll ask what the factory uses, but they aren't usually very vocal about an of their "proprietary production processes".
Redeck would work, but I've seen more "messes" than good looking jobs with Redeck. It's probably not the product but rather the craftsmanship.
Any kind of hard foam (that the resin or LP won't melt will do the trick.
Check with any WS local board or surfboard repair shops. Might have trouble finding Divynicel in other than a dark tan/ brown, so it may not be the best choice. The salt will work ok as well but the result looks a little different as yoiu have all kids of little cavities where the salt melted out.
Yes, my demo Serenity has a number of "unexplainable" dings and dents in the deck. At least your damage didn't take out the logo on the deckl. I couldn't replace that. The factory sent me one, but it was quite different than the original.
Hope this helps,
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