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Default RE: Help Harness lines

Hi Roger,

I bought one Reactor Bar, and in fact, I still have it stored away with a number of old odds and ends I never use any more, like an ancient aluminum mast tip extender for a gray Ampro mast. My Reactor Bar was one of the painted ones, so it ultimately corroded terribly after the paint started flaking off. As I alluded to earlier, the roller assembly eventually wore to a point where the plastic roller started getting a bit wobbly on its shaft, and that's when I retired it. Also, I found that the punched-out slots at either end readily ate through the main webbing strap of my harness. All these issues just soured me on the whole Reactor Bar concept, and I happily went back to the SS spreaders with the hook.

That's interesting that SS cable lines were once commercially available. When suggesting the concept to Michael, I was trying to think of something that could easily be constructed from common components and seemingly would be bulletproof. Yet, even SS in some applications can ultimately fatigue to the point of failure. I guess nothing lasts forever.

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