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Default RE: Nonskid Repair on wood deck

Hi Roger,

You and Tiesda are a lifesaver, thanks!

When you say"The non-skid "texture" on Wood construction Starboards is a UV Stabilized PU resin with a hardener and appropriate thinner, with acrylic dust added before the PU hardens" - is the hardener the 2nd part of the 2 part PU resin or is it something seperate I need to add? Is the thinner used to get a thin coat that flows better?

I tried a test using a fine silica based nonskid powder (like fine white sand) sprinkled over 105/207 epoxy on a piece of scrap wood. It didn't look good, didn't adhere very evenly, and when I lightly sanded it to even it out it came off too easily. So that is NOT a good solution.

I'll have to get the acrylic powder from Fibergalss Supply in the gorge. The only thing I'm worried about is how well it will adhere to the PU resin. The non-skid on the Serenity is really great and doesn't rub off. I hope I can get the new nonskid to work almost as well. Do you think it will stick well enough to the PU resin just by dusting it on the wet resin or do you need to do anything else like lightly roll it in after dusting?

Thanks Roger!

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