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Default RE: Question about board

Hi Igor,
I would look for an older 2001-2003 Start L.
The are wider, a little longer, and have more float and stability.
If you could find one of the 110 cm wide 2003 Start L's, that would be even better.
Volume 210 litres
Length 264 cm
Width 110 cm
One foot off 71.8 cm
Weight D-Ram 15.1 kg =/- 5%
Fin Start 40 + Start Convertible Start 40 + Start Convertible
Finbox Deep Tuttle Deep Tuttle
Sail size 1.0 - 10.5 m2 1.0 - 10.5 m2

If you live in Dallas, check with the guys at Mariner Sails to see if they don't have some instruction available.
I don't think there's as much wind in Dallas, TX as you think, especially in the summer.
Usually more wind down in Galveston or Corpus Christi.
Hope this helps,
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