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Roly Gardner
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Default Tuttle/Deep Tuttle Cock Up

Hi All

Think I have made a noobish mistake. I have a stock 52 cm Starboard fin for my Carve 144. I have been advised to buy a smaller fin and have recently bought a Starboard 28 cm fin but now realise that this is normal tuttle as opposed to deep tuttle. Doh!

Is there much I can do about this or am I snookered? I also would like to know what the pros and cons are for the smaller fin. Is it going to make the board more or less responsive for instance? Is it going to be harder to head up wind? Is there a sail range that each fin will work best with? I now have a 5m a 5.7m and a 6.5m.

many Thanks

PS Hope you are making a good early recovery Roger.
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