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Default RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?

Well, my weight is around 75kg, so I consider myself normal built. My current 6.7 takes me planing in about 7m/s (still need som gusts around 10m/s...)

From what you say, I take it that the Excess is a better choice for the board? Still the max recommended is 6.5, so would a 6.9 still do the trick without affecting the board in a too much negative way (as said before, the Saber is also more powerful than the Excess, so maybe the Saber6.7 and Excess6.9 are pretty similar, powerwise, but with other differnces (manouverability etc)? After all, it is only 0.2 bigger than my current 6.7 which feels just ok. I think having to step down to 6.4 would leave me in a bigger need to get a 7.x sail, which of course could be used with my other 115l board (which for the time being, and the current quiver is "retired").

You are using the 6.9 on a K86? Isn't max recommended 6.0? How would this difference differ(!) if a 10kg heavier guy streched the limits in the same way? (Maybe the extra 10l I have would take the blame for the extra weight?)

Will try the straps in/forward, and start focusing on the gybe...
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