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Default RE: Tuttle/Deep Tuttle Cock Up

Hi Roly, and Frigobox,
For Roly,
Frigobox was correct in his suggestions, you can put a std. Tuttle fin in a Deep Tuttle fin box, no problems, other than a minimal amount of "fitting" which you would probably have to do with almost any fin.
He's also correct in that you cannot put a deep Tuttle fin in a std. Tuttle box as the top of the root is 18.00 mm (0.709") too tall to fit.
I'm sure your 28 cm fin did not come with a deep tuttle root (that would be ridiculous as a 28 cm fin does not need the additional support.
I'm a little puzzled as to why you bought such a small fin for your Carve 144. If the stock fin is 52 cm, as "smaller" fin, for smaller sails would be something in the 46-48 cm range.
What year model is your Carve 144.....2006 or 2007?
Here's the secifications for the '06 Carve 144.
'06 Carve 144
Volume: 144 litres
Length: 256 cm.
Width: 78 cm.
1 foot off the tail width: 52.1 cm.
Weight (WOOD): 8.3 kg
Weight (DRAM) 8.6 kg
Fin Box: Tuttle
Stock Fin: Drake Freeride Flow 480
Sail Size Range: 5.8-9.5
Here's the specifications for the 2007 Carve 144:
'07 Carve 144
Volume: 144 cm
Length: 252 cm
Width: 78.0 cm
1 foot off tail width: 52.1 cm
Weight (Technora) 8.6 Kg.
Weight (WOOD) 8.15 kg.
Sail Range: 5.8-9.5
Stock Fin:Freeride Drive II 490
Fin Range: 42-54 cm
Fin Box: Tuttle

I think the 28 cm fin is definitely too small for a board that's 78 cm wide with a 1 foot off of 52.1 cm.
You will "spin out" the 28 cm fin way to easily as it's really a good size fin for about a 90-100 liter board with a5.5 m2 or smaller rig.
If you can take the 28 cm fin back, I would suggest you do, and see if you can get a fin about 42-48 cm (actually one 40-42 and one 48-50 cm would be the best.
Not sure how you got a 52 cm fin unless your Carve 144 is really a Carve 145 from 2005?
Hope this helps,
P.S. Haven't had the surgery yet..... next Friday (Aug. 17th is the scheduled date).
Thanks for your concerns, and I will be back here on the forums as soon as the docs will let me.
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