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Default for REMI -> New iSonic 144


About using an 11 m² on a 2007 iSonic 145, REMI wrote:


...this can work with the 11m², but work defintely better with the iSonic 155 and more confortable and at this time you can use a R13 66 soft and you will have very good results.

For the iSonic 145, to have the same confort, better to use an 10m² with a R13 soft 60cm...

I've intensively tested 145 / 11 m² (North Warp) combination and I have to agree with Remi: it can work but rider confort is really reduced.

About new 2008 iSonic 144, without entering in top secret details (before the unveilling date of 15/08), I would like to know if you have extended sail range and have made new model more comfortable using big sail.

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