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Default RE: Yet another question about a board

Hello and thanks for the reply.

Currently I own only one rig consisting of a 460 cm mast and a 6,7 m2 sail (Severne Power Drive) so that fits in the range you suggested nicely. However, I would like to add one larger and one smaller sail in my quiver in the future (possibly a 5 and an 8 m2).

According to your points, the 122-liter model would indeed mean a little steeper learning curve, but I would gain a little in the high end. The thing is really, that I am looking for a more future proof board considering my weight, so I guess the 122-liter model would be ok then. However, I was a little unsure about the width for the 122 liter Futura you mentioned. I thought it was 71,something in width. I can be wrong though.

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