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Hello romago,
First, a few questions so we can determine what might be causing your
How much do you weigh?
What size rig (s) are you using on the Hypersonic?
Where have you been placing the mast foot..... and why do you think that's a good place?
My guess would be you have the mast foot too far forward, plus you may not be getting back on the board and into the footstraps early enough.
I've sailed all of the Hypersonics and I never had these problems, but maybe my sea conditions were much flatter than yours.
How big is the chop and the wind waves where you sail?
As far as your "the board is instabil dont go straight but jumps from right to left and back again" I expect that is something you will have to learn.
The Hypersonic is very sensitive to rail to rail trim, and if you are at all unstable on your feet, the board will follow what your feet do, until you get your weight up onto the rig and both feet in the footstraps, then the board will go where the mast foot pushes it , with input from you (the sailor) in the form of changing rail to rail trim fo go upwind, downwind, or a pretty flat trim to go straight.
What is your skill level and what boards did you sail before the Hypersonic.
What fin are you using with what sail size?
Hope this helps,
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