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Default RE: Yet another question about a board


Yes I saw the specifications while the 08-site was up, apparently by accident or for testing purposes. The width of the 122-and 133-liter versions were 71,+ and 76,+ cm (cannot remember the tail specs), respectively. Would this information sway your recommendation one way or other? Personally, when I look at the "big picture", the 122-liter version should still be ok for me, as the buoyancy of that board still enables even easy uphauling for a guy of my size. But again, I do not know the significance of the size difference. I mean, when I compare the chop handling and speed (122 preferred) vs. early planing and ease of use (133 preferred), in which category would I get more assets by selecting either of the models? Although I know it must be very hard to compare them directly.

Thanks in advance.
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