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Default RE: iSonic Questions

Hello Pete,
Most used sails were 6.5 and 5.5 Retro's and then I got the 5.6 and 6.6 Huckers and I've been using them almost exclusively since the beginning of the summer.
I have a 6.6 NX-4 that I've used but I find the smaller Retros and Huckers are very nearly as fast.
So, Free race or race sails (unless you can get hold of a couple of Huckers).
Retros are very good here as always.
As far as tuning the Isonics, I found the Is 115 very easy to sail.
Faster is with the mast foot as far back as you can handle.
Fin selection is very critical. Smaller fins than you think really help the top speed and make the Isonics easier to handle in the chop.
Ian Fox told me a little trip that I've used fairly extensively. It's scary, but if you think you're at about top speed and wish to see what "scary fast, warp speed, in afterburner" is about, just bring your body slightly forward, put a tiny bit of pressure on the front footstrap, and "send it" a little deeper off the wind.
At first it was really scary, but soon I found that the Isonic remained well mannered anc controlable, and just went faster.
Hope this helps,
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