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Hi Unregistered,
To turn the Serenity you need to brush up on your rig steering and railing.
If you want to go upwind, rake the rig back a little (rig steering) and the board will turn upwind. You can also tip the board to leeward (lee rail down, pressure with your toes here) and the nose will bite and the Serenity will take off upwind.
As long as you leave it railed, it will continue to turn upwind, until it stalls.
Off the wind is the opposite.
Tip the rig forward (or better still bring the rig upwind so the mast is well upwind of the centerline of the board) and the Serenity will turn off the wind.
OR Put a little weight on your heels and watch out as the Serenity will take off downwind in a heartbeat.
The faster you go, the harder it is to keep the Serenity on a steady course because you will always be rolling the board slightly and as long as you stay in "neutral" where the fin doesn't bite upwind or downwind, things are OK, but a little too much heel pressure and and the upwind rail drops, the fin bites and off you go down wind. Not to bad, but you need to go back through "neutral" to head back upwind again, and it's very hard to tell when the fin is going to "bite" in the other direction.
As far as tacking and jibing, to tack, just put the foot of your sail all the way down on the back of the Serenity (maybe a little upwind of the centerline) and the Serenity will turn up and through the eye of the wind in a large radius tack.
Jibing is a little trickier as you need to really get the rig tipped out to the side to get the most rotational drive to turn the board, but when the fin goes through neutral and bites on the other side, be ready.
The 41 cm fin isn't to great, but the big 70 cm wide blade isn't to great in the opposite direction. If you have a nice race blade type fin in the 50-60 cm range that works the best until you learn to deal with the "quirks" of the Serenity with either the 70 cm W or 41 cm.
Weed fins work well if you have weeds or shallow sandbars to contend with.
Hope this helps,

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