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Default RE: iSonic Questions

Hello Francisco,
You didn't say what you weigh, but if you can tack you long narrow 120 liter board, the Isonic should be pretty easy.
Just don't step in front of the mast foot like you do on your 120 liter slalom.
Step OVER the lower part of the mast so you never get your weight forward of the mast foot.
There's not too much float in the front of the Isonics, but my guess is that you will find it much easier to stay on top of the Isonic 122 than your long skinny 120 liter board. It's wider and the volume is back where you need it so you get earlier planing, better top speed, and you may find it even handles the chop better.
Only thing you need to be aware of is that you'll need to move back on the board further to get the Isonic 122 to plane. It does not have the longer planing flat that your 120 liter board has. So, you will not be able to get the Isonic to plane in quite the same way you are accustomed too.
I think the Isonic is such a "high end" board, that Starboard simply decided to only make them in WOOD construction.
Nothing wrong with wood. My Isonic 115 (delivered a year ago in September, looked almost like new when I left it off to be sold with the rest of the demo fleet last weekend.
Hope this helps,
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