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Roly Gardner
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Morning Roger
Nice new site. Thank yo for your thoughts on the appropriate fin for my board. Firstly my board is the Carve 145 2005 model and does have the deep tuttle fitting. Yes this 28 cm fin that I bought has the standard tuttle fitting I believe. I was advised by one of the more experienced sailors at my club to change down my fin to around 30 cm. This I think has something to do with the way our beach falls away very steeply particularly at high tide. For a shorty like me, it means that beach starts are akin to water starts, if you see what I mean. By the time I am out far enough to clear the 52cm fin I am in quite deep water. Maybe, I do not really know, but that was the advice.

I have seen a Fin Works Weed 16 which is around 41 cm I think and wonder if this is the sort of thing I should be looking for? I do not really want to sacrifice much upwind capability, if this is a possible consequence of reducing the fin size, as I have only recently been able to slog upwind as it is.

The 28cm is now for sale and I have learned my lesson. Run stuff by you on this forum BEFORE purchasing kit!

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