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Default RE: What wave board?

Well, my "local" shop (5 hours from here) solved the dilemma with an 06 K-96 demo on sale for an irresistable price. We'll see if the 62 cm width feels too big or not. Nobody spontaneously suggested to go wider than my nominations, which kind of surprised me. The shop also had an Evo 92 in wood available at a very good price.

Another thing that NONE of the respondants keyed-in on is the fresh water difference. Having ridden both kinds of water over the last 12 years, there is a SUBSTANTIAL difference between the bouyancy / planing firmness of fresh and salt water. It is palpable in both schlogging (very apparent) and planing (less apparent) modes.

I suspect that "volume"-wise, the 96 is a good step down from the C131 / Skate 112. Especially in marginal conditions. Likewise the Evo 92.

I was leaning to the Evo 92, but the shop pro recommended the Kombat over the Evo. Mainly because the big lakes have pretty decent surf, but not bona fide surf, and the wave are close coupled and mushy. Closer to freeride than true wave sailing. He also knows I do some freestyle. The price plus the argument of better jumping off a wider tail were the deciding factors.

We'll see....

Thanks all for your input.

PS - As to the Boards reviews (other threads)...I don't read german, I do speak french, in English print, Boards is HANDS DOWN the best windsurfing mag. All the others have succumbed to ADHD-affliicted adolescents who can't follow a train of thought beyond one paragraph. I've also had a pretty strong tendency to come to similar conclusions. Thus, I suspect Boards will be proven correct that the 07 Evos are not as good in onshore conditions as were previous years. That's not saying it's a "bad" board, it's just not the segment it used to serve.
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