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Roly Gardner
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Hi Roger

The style of fin is the weed fin although the web site did not show a 16 which this one is. I am only 5' 6'' with short legs so yes this is my problem! However, I take the point on technique and learning a new skill. I managed to get up on my third or fourth try last time I was out but have yet to get an opportunity to replicate it as the wind has been very big of late.

You helped me with the foot steering, so yes I am using the rocker not the fin to get up wind. I have read some of your earlier posts on 'fin lift' and riding the fin' so understand the principle if not the application so I will leave this for another time once I have advanced sufficiently.

I am 'only slogging' because I tend to go out in marginal conditions,say 13/15 mph and my biggest sail is the 6.5. I intend to get a 7.5 in due course. I think I lack the necessary technical skill to plane in marginal conditions, even if this is possible with my current rig in 13/15 mph. Any thoughts? Should I be able to get in the harness and straps in low winds like this? I find the board sinks quickly when I try to move back on the board - maybe a little early? I am again showing my inexperience here as to basic principles I fear.

Any tips gratefully received, as always.

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