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Hi Roly,
Ummmm..... a 16" weed fin..... that's going to have alot of area and stick behind the tail of your board quite a bit.
Do you have weeds or shallow sandbars where you are sailing? If yes, then the 16" Finworks would be OK, but it's a little on the large side of things for a Carve 144 with 7.5/6.5/5.8 m2 rigs.
I think a 14.5" Finworks weed fin would be much better overall.
If you don't have to deal with weeds or sandbars, then I would suggest looking for either a shorter Drake Freeride fin or a vertical pointer slalom fin in about 38-48 cm size range.
As far as your beach starts, you don't need to put your foot on the board until you step on, and if you ensure that the tail of the board is right in tight on your back leg, you can get your foot all the way to the middle of the board. Then you won't "push the tail away" at all. That's the trick here. Get so good at "steering" the board with the rig (thru the mast foot) that you can bring the board right in close, put your foot on the board over the centerline and then you don't have any problems as the board simply sails away
on a beam reach.
Hope this helps,
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