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Default Apollo some feedback

I just wanted to give some feedback on the Apollo. Having read a number of reviews mostly from racers I would like to say what a stunning board it is. I'm only a beginner OK I'm getting into foot straps and planing OK but after just two years windsurfing there is still a lot to learn.
My largest sail at the moment is a 7.8 Tushingham Lightening, with marginal wind its just possible to get going with the stock 75cm but as soon as the wind picks up 12 mph + its a pig. Change down to a 68cm fin and the board is a dream better even than my F Type 148 but there are still issues as the wind gets up 15-20 mph my guess a change down in fin size would keep everything in trim. The board seems fast and highly controllable but lifting in gusts again with only a 7.8m sail a drop down in fin size will sort it?
Just had two of my best sessions ever zapping up and down on Carsington Water.
Has the Apollo been dropped? It does not appear in the board line up. Tragic if it has.
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