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My $0.02 on new site (from point of view web developer with 10 years experience):
1. Hate flash based sites - I can't install flash, not allowed (and not only me). So I see nothing. If you want to use flash that much, you have to implement at least possibility to swich to HTML based site, so everybody can see it.
2. Hate flash based sites - Where is navigation?
3. Forum - Where is navigation?
4. Guys! You succefully manage to screw used to be pretty good site!

I agree with Andrew. The site is crap. Slow and unresponsive. You've also managed to lose the archives link to older boards and the link to the Sales, Marketing etc 'contact us' page that I was going to use to winge about this site doesn't work! Dump this crap Starboard it isn't doing your brand-name any good.
Rog J (Hampshire)
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