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Default futura 155 or i-sonic 144

With board would be the best for me, sails that i have overdrive r2 10.0 , tushingham lightning 8.5 and neilpryde hellcat.7.2, also have a starboard fin r13 64cm, select superfast 59 cm.
I use the 10.0 (most of the time), then the 8.5, 7.2 maybe 3 times a year..
I wanna use just one board(my weight 100kg) , now i have a formula and a carve 162(2006)
what would better the i-sonic 144( dos it have multiple footstraps positions, or will only have the i-sonic 155 this) or the futura 155 with 85cm..
And will the futura 155 plane earlier then my carve 162 d-ram..
And what planes faster the i-sonic 144 or the futura 155..

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