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Default No more Phantom?

So no more Phantom 305, does/did it suck that bad?

Now *board has no direct competitive product to the KONA, the best selling board on the planet last year, not a good sales position to be in, no?

RIDE ON, but on what???

Lots of longboarders in our neck of the woods, and they are normally not looking for a $2000 fragile race machine like the P 380 probably is.

Around here out of 100 sailors 50 have a Longboard in their quiver that is needing replacement, we don't wear out our shortborads as quickly plus everyone has 20 different models of them and we all have a few in the quiver, so where is the sales potential in our area, a lightweight (lighter than the KONA) KONA style, non race dedicated longboard. I would love it to have an EVA deck for freestyling in light winds, which is what LB-ing is all about.

I was hoping *board would build on the P 305 funboard KONA competior and refine the concept, but I guess it is dead :-( I really didn't want to buy another French board, I am in a quandry...
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