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I was just trying to go upwind enough to avoid the point, I wanted to keep as much speed as possible for my downwind leg, which is the pic I attached here.

I had another question. After reading his post, I thought a pic of me trying to get a speed run downwind would help him understand how to get downwind on the hypersonic. But I am not sure of the whole stance that I took up... But not planing, I know you have to really pay attention and push the board off the wind. I found today trying some backwinded sailing that the board really likes to head upwind :-)

Is this correct for heading off downwind?

I didn't understand how to get downwind at first, and a picture of stance that a buddy of mine gave me really helped. I opted for a more Bijorn Dunkerbeck type stance. hunched up and trying to really push the board faster and put all my energy into the kit. To give you context, I was sailing close to the point at around 105 degrees to the wind (avoiding the point), so there was a lot of big chop breaking off, so I just went over an unexpected wall, hence all the spray... what is the ideal angle for speed and I guess VMG?

Hope this helps... and I love my hypersonic :-)

Once you get better romago, you will learn to love this board as a light wind weapon. It glides through lulls effortlessly and is pretty fast. I would like to get a nice S wind day (when its flatter here) and put my 7.6 speed sail on and really get some good runs.

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