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Default RE: 2007 Evo feedback?

I have so far only used the new 70 and the new 80 (and have sailed pretty much all sizes and incarnations of EVOs before that). I haven't had much direct communication with Tiesda, Per and Scotty about what they were trying to do with the new shapes, but from my perspective it seems they mainly have addressed how the boards goes rail-to-rail when going from a bottom turn into a fast cutback. This has before in my opinion been _the_ area where the EVOs have required the most attention from the rider. The new shapes are clearly easier in this respect and this makes them even higher performing wave riding boards. I've felt this very clear on the 80 (which is a big board for me at 69 kilos) and a bit on the 70 (but I haven't gotten any fast enough conditions for the 70 to enter the area where this can become an issue). On the other hand I've sailed quite a lot of light stuff on the 70 and I definitely I can't feel any negative things wrt planing etc.

The 80 is also noticably crisper in a straightline, especially when you don't load it up with to much sail. Interestingly, I thought the 06 E83 was one of the best boards in the range and this model has changed the most, it seems. The long single concave is gone and is replace by more v close to the tail. This is probably what give the new boards a more distinct feel. From a theoretical standpoint, you could expect the bottom turn could maybe become a bit less secure on the new design. I have not felt any such things though and the old 83 has such a totally sick bottomturn, so even IF the new one would loose a tad of that it would still have enough to spare. In any case the smoother top turn is worth it.

So, based on riding the 70 and 80, I would say that the new EVOs are carefully tweaked from last years and previous boards to make them a tad more rounded performers.
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