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I have been using the Apollo for racing so I tend to not use the 75 cm fin anymore since I need to find a good tuning with a 70 cm fin. For me the biggest difference when changing down in fin size is that one has to move the mastbase backwards a lot, I'm now at the very back or at +1" (and using the boom at eye level).
For marginal winds and 11.0 I've been using a Drake R19. This fin gives a lot of lift and is great for going upwind, it is slow but points very well and it is also very forgiving, one can go really slow (even down to about 12 knots) and just outpoint others. The fin feels a bit slow on the downwind though so it is important to have the mastbase well to the back. For a bit quicker feeling the Deb. R17S- RF8 is much nicer but it is a bit demanding when going upwind, it needs speed first and then one can point, downwind it is a breeze though. I've done 26 knots with a 10.0 sail without really trying to go fast. I'm light weight (about 68kg) so the board is quite a handfull in waves and strong winds but in lightwind racing I have done much better this year in national races (as compared to last year on a 158).

I haven't tried the 162 (yet) but I did try the 161 before deciding to get the Apollo. To me the Apollo is a bit more like a regular board, just sheet in and go. The 161 feels a bit more specialized (harder on the legs downwind and more extreme strap positions) and aming at racing only (no surprize of coarse) so I think the Apollo is a good choice for light wind recreational use and it doesn't need the very large sails to get going. With a 10.0 sail and the 75cm fin it is actually quite competitive with others on 11.0 and the 161, so there is little need for the very large sails if one is not compeeting. The serenity has a very different use and I haven't had a chance to try it.

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