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Default RE: What wave board?

Yeah, Kombat 86 will certainly work well (it should have been Kombat 79 or 87 in my above post - so the 86 was one of my options, sort of). It is a nice turner too, for sure, and what it loosed relativ an EVO in wave riding performance in mush it regains in a crisper feel in a straghline. Its a great size for 6.3 at your weight too and will handle 4.7 OK too.

As for the salt vs fresh water issue, I know some people feel this is an issue. Strangely enough, I don't really think its much of an issue myself, despite regularly sailing the same boards in both fresh and very salt water. Maybe its becuase the spots I sail are so different from each other wrt other aspects like wind quality, types of wave/chop etc. The actual differen between salt and fresh water is typically somthing like 3%. So viewiing it from a static point of view, an 80 liter board would behave roughly like a 82.5l equivalent.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I have not read Boards review yet. If they are argumenting that the 07 EVOs should be less good onshore wave _riding_ boards, I would be surprised. I have only used the 80 and 70 so far, but especially the 80 I would say has improved in onshore stuff due to some more looseness which makes aggressive backside riding a tad better. For onshore frontside riding I guess you can find situations when the faster rockerd concave style E83 would be better than the slightly higher riding and more rockered 07 E80 and that would be a drawn out turn at slower speed. However, I think most riders tend to rig a bit big for onshore stuff, and then the top turn handling get more and more critical and in this area the new E80 is much easier. So, basically because of these reasons I find the new E80 a better compromise also for onshore stuff. The 80 is btw the most changed board from 06 to 07. The 70 for example, on paper looks like it changed as much, but is closer to the 06 70 than the 80 and the E83 are.

Well, I got a bit off the subject here (I do like to discuss these things...). I think you'll like the K86. Keep us posted.
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