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Default RE: Pointing and beating.

Beating refers to making way over ground to windward. It typically involves "pointing" almost as close to the wind as the vessel will go (pointing higher typically reduces drive and velocity falls off such that the vessel's speed over ground upwind is lower).

Pointing really refers to any point of sail (i.e., direction relative to the wind), though it seems like it is very commonly used in regard to pointing high upwind. So and so is "pointing high" often gets contracted to just "pointing", which is improper english and the source of your query. It's like when people say they had a "quality time" or "quality product", which in the vernacular they mean HIGH quality but technically their english is bad because quality is not intrinsically high - it can be low.

Thus, it is totally correct to say one is pointing offwind, across the wind, etc., because the point of sail is not dependent on the direction of the wind.
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