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Default Advise For New Isonic Board

Hi to everybody, and congratulations for creating an excellent forum section. I am about 84 Kg and intend on going to 80kg soon and I'm about to buy a new slalom board. I allready own a F159 for light winds and the last F2 Sputnik 75 for high winds which is a bit out of date and I want to buy something for medium to high winds since in my area the wind is gusty and not stable and the 100lt of the Sputnik are often not enough. Therefore I'm thinking of either the Isonic 111 or the Isonic 122, keep in mind that the sails that I have are a 9.0 and a 6.7 race sails and I intend on buying another one around 7.5. With these info I would like your advise on which board should I prefer in order to have a board which will cover most of the wind conditions towards higher winds, since I have the Formula, but without sinking when the wind drops or between gusts at medium wind conditions.

Thanks in advance
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